1.[ U]时间:Don! waste your time .别浪费你的时间。/ Time flies. 光阴似箭 / Time will show who is right.时间会证明谁是对的。

2.[C]一段时间:He was here for a time.他在这里呆过些时候。/ We waited for a long time 我们等了很长时间。

3.[U]时 刻: What time is it (pl ?)?/Whafsthetime?/ Have you got the time?现在儿点钟了?/Can[Could] you tell me the time?请问现在几点钟?

4.[C,U]时机,时 茯:It’s time for dinner.该吃饭了。/ It’s time for us to go to school.我们该去上学了。

5.[C]次,回:I’ve been there three times.我去过那儿三次。

6.[C[倍:Our country is three times bigger than theirs.我们的国家比他们的国家大三倍。

7.(常用复)时代,时一势:Now times have changed.现在时代变了。


1.all the time 一直,老是:Shest^sin all the time.她老是呆在家里。

2 .a ta time 一次,一回:The lift can hold six [ pleat a time .电梯每次可以载六个人。

3. at one time以前,一度:At one time they lived in the country.从前他们住在乡下。

4. at the same time 同时:You can not sing and drink at the same time.你不能同时.又唱歌又喝酒。

5. at times有时:She went there at times 她有时去那儿。

7. from time to time 不时:This happens from time to time .这是不时会发生的。

8. in time 及时:I wish you would come in time.我希望你会按时来。

9. on time 按时,准时:The train left on time .火车准时开出。

10. have a good time玩得高兴,过得愉快:We had a nice time at the party. 我们在晚会上很快活。


1.at one time 与at a time仅差一字,但含义不同:前者指“一度”、“从前”,通常与过去时态连用;后者表示“每一次”。

2 It’s time for (to)…的意思是“该做某事了”、“是做某事的时候了* 其中for后接名词或代词,to后接动词原形

3.表示“次(数)”或 “倍”时,一般用于三次(倍)或三次 (倍)以上。“一次”用 once, “两次”用twice。



1.N-UNCOUNT 时间  Time is what we measure in minutes, hours, days, and years.

2.N-SING 时刻;时候;钟点 used to ask or talk about a specific point in the day, which is shown on clocks.

3.N-COUNT 历史时期;时代  used to talk about a particular period in history or in your life

4.N-PLURAL 当代;时代潮流  refer to the present time and to modern fashions, tastes, and developments

5.N-COUNT 次;倍、回   used after numbers to say how often something happens


1.测定…所花时间  If you time an action or activity, you measure how long someone takes to do it or how long it lasts.

2.给…确定时间;为…安排时间  plan or decide to do something or cause it to happen at a particular time



1.Only time will tell if you are right.   只有时间才能证明你是否正确。

2. What’s the time? / What time is it? 几点了?

3.It was the happiest time in his life .   那是他一生之中最幸福的时期。

4.We’ll be alone together, quite like old times. 我们会单独在一起,就像过去那样。

5.The room is three times larger than that one.   这个房间比那个大三倍。

6.Time how long it takes you to answer the questions. 计时您回答问题需要多久.

7.This egg is hard—you didn’t time it properly.   这鸡蛋煮老了—你没掌握好火候.



  1. all the time 一直
  2. have a good time 玩得开心
  3. by the time 到…时候
  4. as time goes by 时光流逝
  5. in your free/spare time  在你有空的时候
  6. on time 准时
  7. in time 及时
  8. once upon a time 从前
  9. in ancient times  在古代
  10. at times  有时
  11. for the first time 第一次
  12. at the same time  同时
  13. in no time  立刻
  14. time limit 时间限制
  15. key time 关键时刻
  16. Long time no see! 好久不见!