1.[C]学校:primary schools 小学 / middle schools 中学 / evening schools 夜校 / This is our school.这是我们学校。/ English is taught in most schools大多数学校都教英语。

2.[U]上学,学业, 上课:I go to school from Monday to Friday.从星期一到星期五我要去上学。/ School begins at eight o’clock.八点钟开始上课。/ I go to night school.我上夜校。/ Is she still at school, or has she left? 她仍在上学还是已经毕业? /There will be no school tomorrow.明日学校放假。


表示具体的某所学校时,它是可数名词,根据情况其前可用冠词;表示“上学”、“上课”等与学校有关的活动时,它是不可数名词,其前通常不用冠词。比较:He goes to school every day.他每天都去上学(读书)。/ He goes to the school every day.他每天都去这所学校。/ He likes school. 他喜欢上学。 /H e I ikes the school.他喜欢这所学校。



1.[C] 学校 a place of education for children

2.[U] 上学,学业,上课(时间) attendance or study at a school; the day’s work at a school

3.[C] (大学里的)学院 (in certain universities) a department concerned with a particular subject

4.[C] 学派,流派 a group of people with the same methods, opinions, style, etc.


1.She studies in a high school.  她在一所中学学习。

2.Soon, the whole school knew about her win. 不久,全校师生都知道她获胜了。

3.A school of fish or dolphins is a large group of them moving through water together.   一群鱼或海豚是其中很大一部分,它们一起在水中移动。

4. What do you think of your school? / How do you like your school?   你觉得你们学校怎么样?



  1. middle school students 中学生
  2. after school  放学后
  3. at school 在校(上课)
  4. in school 在校(求学)
  5. go to primary school 上小学
  6. at the school gate  在校门口
  7. change school 转学
  8. leave school 离校
  9. School for the Blind 盲人学校
  10. go to school 上学
  11. school year 学年
  12. our school library 我们学校图书馆