Proununciation: 英 [njuː]     美 [nuː]

part of speech: adjective

inflections: newer, newest

definition 1: having recently arrived, been produced, or come into being.

  • The band’s new CD is now in the stores.

synonyms: current, fresh, hot, late, recent, up-to-date

antonyms: ancient, existing, former, old

definition 2: not known; strange.

  • He had a desire to see new places.

synonyms: novel, strange, unfamiliar

antonyms: familiar

definition 3: not used.

  • Start your essay on a new sheet of paper.

synonyms: brand-new, mint

antonyms: old, secondhand, shabby, used

definition 4: beginning or repeating as part of a cycle.

  • We began the new year with a big party.

derivation: newness (n.)