part of speech: noun

definition 1: something that one wants or must have.

  • I have a need to be with my family.

synonyms: essential, obligation, requirement

definition 2: the lack of something that is necessary or essential.

  • The crops are in need of rain.
  • There is a need for skilled workers.

synonyms: deficiency, lack, shortage, want

definition 3: a state of want; poverty.

  • It is a shame that many people live in need.

part of speech: verb

inflections: needs, needing, needed

definition 1: to have a requirement for.

  • Humans need water to live.

synonyms: call for, claim, demand, require, want

definition 2: to have or feel the necessity (to do something).

  • You need to stay in bed until your fever is gone.
  • I need to go home now, or I’ll be in trouble.


part of speech: auxiliary verb

inflections: needs, needing, needed

definition: to have to do because it is necessary or demanded.

  • Need I explain every single detail?
  • You need not go to the meeting.

synonyms: should