part of speech: adverb

inflections: nearer, nearest

definition 1: to, at, or within a short distance from a person or thing.

  • I recognized his face as he came near.

synonyms: about, around, close, nearby

definition 2: close in time, state, or condition.

  • Your birthday draws near.

synonyms: close

antonyms: far

definition 3: almost; nearly.

  • We walked near five miles on our hike.

synonyms: almost, nearly, practically

part of speech: adjective

inflections: nearer, nearest

definition 1: not far; close.

  • I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

synonyms: close, nearby

antonyms: distant, extreme, far, remote

definition 2: closely related, connected, or associated.

  • They are near relations.

synonyms: close, connected, intimate, related

antonyms: distant

definition 3: happening by a small amount; almost not happening.

  • We’ve had several near misses with deer on this road at night.

synonyms: close, narrow, tight

part of speech: preposition

definition: at or close to.

  • He bought a house near the ocean.

    synonyms: around, toward

part of speech: verb

inflections: nears, nearing, neared

definition: to move close or closer to.

  • The train neared the station.

synonyms: approach, approximate, come

derivation: nearness (n.)