part of speech: adjective

definition 1: of or produced by nature; not made by humans.

  • The zoo hopes to return the large cat to its natural habitat in the forest.

antonyms: artificial, man-made, synthetic, unnatural

definition 2: according to or resulting from human nature.

  • Human beings have a natural desire for companionship.

synonyms: native

definition 3: not pretended or forced.

  • Your smile in this school photo doesn’t look natural.

synonyms: authentic, genuine, sincere, true

antonyms: artificial, false, unnatural

definition 4: without any changes that humans are capable of making, especially through the use of science and technology.

  • Natural foods don’t have chemicals that add to their color or make them last longer.

definition 5: expected; ordinary.

  • It is natural for teenagers to be confused about life.

synonyms: normal, ordinary, regular, typical, usual

antonyms: abnormal, exceptional, surprising

definition 6: having to do with the sciences that study and describe nature.

  • He started out as a physicist, but soon took an interest in the natural sciences.


part of speech: noun

definition: a person who is considered to be gifted or just right for a particular activity.

  • He’s a natural for the part of King Arthur.

derivation: naturalness (n.)