part of speech: verb

inflections: moves, moving, moved

definition 1: to change position or place.

  • Let’s move to better seats up front.

synonyms: shift, stir

definition 2: to be in motion.

  • I watched the dog’s tail move back and forth.

synonyms: flow, run

definition 3: to go ahead or progress.

  • Work on the new bridge is moving slowly.

synonyms: advance, go, pass, progress, roll, travel

definition 4: to change the location of one’s home or business.

  • They are moving to California next month.

definition 5: to make a request at a meeting.

  • The mayor moved that the law be passed.

definition 6: to change the position or location of.

  • I moved my bed to the other side of the room.

synonyms: carry, convey, send, shift, switch, transfer, transport

antonyms: return

definition 7: to put or keep in motion.

  • The wind moved the sailboat.

synonyms: pass, propel, push, roll, send

definition 8: to cause to have tender or powerful feelings.

  • We were moved to tears by his story.

synonyms: affect, impress, stir, touch

phrase: move on

phrase: move over

part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act or an instance of moving.

  • The dog made a move toward the cat.

synonyms: movement

definition 2: an action planned to bring about something.

  • He thought about what would help the situation before he made a move.

synonyms: maneuver

definition 3: in checkers and other board games, the act of making a play.

  • In one move, I jumped three of his men.

synonyms: turn