part of speech: adjective

definition 1: in the greatest number, amount, or degree (superlative of “many” and “much”).

  • This is the most fun I’ve ever had.

definition 2: the majority of.

  • Most birds can fly.

phrase: for the most part

part of speech: noun

definition 1: the greatest number, amount, or degree.

  • He has most of the money.

definition 2: the majority of people.

  • Most do not like the new building on the corner.

definition 3: the best.

  • This is the most you can ask for.

synonyms: best, finest

part of speech: adverb

definition 1: in the greatest extent or amount (superlative of “much”).

  • We all cried at the end of the movie, but Tanya cried most.

definition 2: to a very great extent or degree, or to the greatest extent or degree.

  • It was most kind of you to help me with this.
  • Going on that roller coaster was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done!

synonyms: quite, very

Word Builder: most +

mostly: for the most part; almost all.