part of speech: noun

definition 1: an example that should be copied or an ideal that others are compared to.

  • Mr. Magnus, the millionaire, is my model of success.

synonyms: ideal, pattern, standard

definition 2: a small copy of something, often used as a guide to making the thing in full size.

  • We make a model of a new machine before we build it full size.

definition 3: a particular type or style of a product.

  • The salesman showed us a newer model of car.

synonyms: make

definition 4: a person who poses for a painter, photographer, or other artist.

definition 5: a person whose job is to display new clothing by wearing it for customers or posing for photographs.

part of speech: adjective

definition 1: serving as an example or ideal that should be copied.

  • Carmen has always been a model citizen who works to help the community.

synonyms: ideal

definition 2: being a model.

  • His hobby is building model airplanes.

part of speech: verb

inflections: models, modeling, modeled

definition 1: to plan or form according to a model.

  • She modeled herself after her mother.

synonyms: fashion, pattern

definition 2: to form or shape.

  • He modeled the clay.

synonyms: fashion, form, mold, shape

definition 3: to work as a fashion model or an artist’s model.

  • She modeled for fashion magazines before she went into acting.

derivation: modeler (n.)