part of speech: verb

inflections: misses, missing, missed

definition 1: to fail to hit, catch, reach, cross, or touch.

  • He missed the ball.
  • I missed the plane.

antonyms: catch, find, hit

definition 2: to fail to see, hear, or understand.

  • He missed what I said.

antonyms: get, hear, notice, observe, see

definition 3: to fail to perform, attend, or otherwise experience.

  • I missed the concert.

antonyms: attend

definition 4: to fail to do or get.

  • They missed a good chance of winning the game.

antonyms: achieve

definition 5: to avoid or escape.

  • The car missed the tree.

synonyms: avoid, evade

antonyms: meet

definition 6: to feel sad or lonely without.

  • She missed her friend.

part of speech: noun

definition 1: a failure to hit or catch something.

  • She made five baskets in a row before a miss.

antonyms: catch, hit

definition 2: any failure or thing that is left out.

  • Our plan turned out to be a miss.

synonyms: bomb, defeat, failure, flop

Word Builder: miss +

missing: not able to be found; lost.