part of speech: pronoun

definition: the one or ones that belong to me, are done by me, or have to do with me.

  • That book is mine.
  • Your writing is neater than mine.

part of speech: noun

definition 1: a deep hole or area of holes made in the earth. Minerals such as gold, coal, or precious stones are dug out of mines.

  • Working underground in a mine can be a dangerous job.

definition 2: a large supply or good source.

  • He is a mine of information.

synonyms: abundance, cornucopia, reservoir, wealth

definition 3: a kind of bomb hidden in the ground or in water. A mine is set off by putting pressure on it or by lighting its fuse.

part of speech: verb

inflections: mines, mining, mined

definition 1: to dig in the earth for minerals such as gold or coal; work in a mine.

  • He mines in the mountains all day, hoping to strike it rich.

definition 2: to lay bombs under.

  • The enemy mined the field.

Word Builder: mine +

miner: a person who works in a mine.

mining: the activity of digging in the earth for minerals.