part of speech: verb

inflections: meets, meeting, met

definition 1: to come face to face with; encounter.

  • Mel met Ann while he was waiting for the bus.

synonyms: encounter

antonyms: miss

definition 2: to join (someone) at a time and place that has been agreed on.

  • I’ll meet you at the bus station at noon.

synonyms: encounter, join

antonyms: shun

definition 3: to be introduced to.

  • My parents will meet my teachers tonight.

synonyms: greet

definition 4: to satisfy.

  • The trip met all of their hopes for a wonderful vacation.

synonyms: fulfill

definition 5: to gather together for a meeting.

  • The chess club will meet next Tuesday.

synonyms: assemble, convene, gather

definition 6: to come to one spot and see one another, by chance or plan.

  • We decided to meet at the restaurant at seven o’clock.
  • Alan and his piano teacher met by accident at the grocery store yesterday.

definition 7: to come together; join.

  • Look for a sign where the two roads meet.

synonyms: intersect

antonyms: separate

part of speech: noun

definition: a gathering of athletes for a contest.

  • Jefferson High School won the track meet.

synonyms: competition