part of speech: noun

definition 1: something, such as a spot or scar, that can be seen on a surface.

  • The wet glass left a mark on the table.

synonyms: trace

definition 2: a symbol or sign.

  • Did you remember to put a question mark at the end of that sentence?

synonyms: badge, identification, signature

definition 3: a goal or target.

  • His work didn’t come up to the mark.

synonyms: par, standard, target

definition 4: a grade on a school paper or test.

  • I am proud of my high marks in school.

synonyms: grade, score

part of speech: verb

inflections: marks, marking, marked

definition 1: to put a mark on.

  • Barb’s muddy fingers marked the front door.

definition 2: to label or be a feature of.

  • His graceful movements marked him as a dancer.

synonyms: characterize, identify, label

definition 3: to show limits (often followed by “off”).

  • This line marks off our property.

definition 4: to give a grade to.

  • Mr. Frank marks our homework before he returns it.

synonyms: grade, score

definition 5: to pay attention to; mind.

  • Mark well what I am saying.

synonyms: heed, mind, note, regard, take note of

Word Builder: mark +

marker: a pen with a thick tip.

part of speech: noun

definition: a former unit of money in Germany and Finland.