part of speech: adjective

inflections: more, most

definition: a large number of.

  • At the animal shelter, there were many kittens that needed homes.

synonyms: numerous, various

antonyms: few

part of speech: noun

definition: a large number of persons or things.

  • Many in the group could not go on the trip because they became ill.

synonyms: lots, mass, plenty

part of speech: pronoun

definition: a great number of people or things.

  • Although the firefighters worked hard to save the animals, many died.

antonyms: few

many or much?

Many is used with words for things that we can count. Much is used with words for things that we cannot count.
Do you have many things to do today?
Do you have much work to do today?
I didn’t eat many cookies.
I didn’t eat much cake.