part of speech: verb

inflections: makes, making, made

definition 1: to bring into being by building from separate parts.

  • Tammy made a model airplane.

synonyms: assemble, build, construct, form, prepare

definition 2: to create or produce.

  • Stop making so much noise!

synonyms: create, form, produce

definition 3: to cause to be.

  • The news that his friend was moving made him sad.

definition 4: to force to.

  • The teacher made him stop pulling her hair.

definition 5: to add up to.

  • Two and six make eight.

synonyms: amount to, equal

definition 6: to put in order; prepare.

  • I will make the bed if you’ll do the dishes.
  • He makes dinner for us every night.

synonyms: arrange, fix, prepare

definition 7: to earn.

  • Mr. Marks makes a lot of money.

synonyms: earn

definition 8: to arrive at or in time for.

  • Did you make the bus?

synonyms: catch

definition 9: (informal) to be accepted as a member by showing that one has the necessary skills.

  • Did you make the tennis team?

phrase: make believe

phrase: make up