part of speech: adjective

inflections: lower, lowest

definition 1: close to the ground or bottom; not high.

  • The wall is low enough for us to step over it.

synonyms: short

antonyms: high, lofty

definition 2: below the normal level.

  • The water in the lake was too low for sailing.

definition 3: unhappy or weak.

  • She was in a low mood because of her poor grade in math.

synonyms: blue, dejected, down, unhappy

definition 4: not loud.

  • I heard the low sound of a train in the distance.

synonyms: soft

antonyms: loud

definition 5: below average in quality.

  • His history grade is low.

synonyms: inferior

definition 6: nearly used up or empty.

  • We have to stop for gas because the tank is low.

synonyms: diminished, reduced

part of speech: adverb

inflections: lower, lowest

definition 1: in or to a lower position or level.

  • The birds flew low over the lake.

synonyms: down

antonyms: high

definition 2: in or to a state of being empty.

  • The gas in the car is running low.

synonyms: out

definition 3: at a somewhat quiet level.

  • She sang the lullaby low.

synonyms: quietly, softly

part of speech: noun

definition: something that is low, such as an amount, an action, or a person’s spirits.

  • Gas prices have hit a low.
  • Today is one of her lows.

antonyms: high

derivation: lowness (n.)