part of speech: noun

definition 1: strong feelings of affection for another person or thing.

  • She has a deep love for her childhood friend.

synonyms: affection

antonyms: hatred

definition 2: strong interest in or liking for something.

  • He has a great love for music.

synonyms: passion

antonyms: hatred

definition 3: a person, activity, or object for which one has great affection or strong liking.

  • She was his first love.
  • Sailing is one of her loves.

synonyms: passion
part of speech: verb

inflections: loves, loving, loved

definition 1: to have a deep and strong affection for and attachment to.

  • I think I love my puppy as much as her own mother does.

synonyms: adore

antonyms: detest, hate, loathe

definition 2: to enjoy or have a strong interest in.

  • I love fishing and swimming.

synonyms: adore

antonyms: detest

Word Builder: love +

lover: a person you are in love with.
loving: showing love.