part of speech: verb

inflections: loses, losing, lost

definition 1: to no longer have; be unable to find; misplace.

  • I lost my shoes.

synonyms: misplace

antonyms: find, gain

definition 2: to fail to keep in one’s possession.

  • I just lost a quarter in this candy machine.

antonyms: acquire, keep, regain

definition 3: to fail to win.

  • They lost the contest.

antonyms: gain

definition 4: to be unable to keep (something) up to a certain level.

  • She almost lost hope that she would find her cat, but after two days, it came back.
  • My aunt lost a lot of weight when she was sick.

antonyms: arrest, catch, engage, gain, hold

definition 5: to fail to use; waste.

  • They lost time when the plane was grounded because of the storm.

synonyms: waste

Word Builder: lose +

loser: a person who loses; a person who has lost.