part of speech: verb

inflections: lives, living, lived

definition 1: to have life; be in an active state.

  • We live in a very interesting time in history.

synonyms: exist

antonyms: die

definition 2: to support oneself in life.

  • I can live on very little money.

synonyms: exist, get along

definition 3: to stay or reside (often followed by “in” or “at”).

  • He lives in a cabin in the mountains.

synonyms: abide, dwell, reside, stay

definition 4: to continue to be in existence or be present to the memory.

  • Even though she’s gone, her memory lives in her children.

synonyms: endure, last, survive

derivation: living (adj.)

part of speech: adjective

definition 1: being alive; having life.

  • We saw live baby chicks at the farm.

synonyms: alive, animate, living

antonyms: dead

definition 2: carrying electric current.

  • The electricians were careful to step around the live wires.

definition 3: being broadcast on television or radio at the same moment that the action is taking place.

  • The TV program was a live broadcast.

antonyms: recorded

part of speech: adverb

definition: of radio and television programs, during performance.

  • This program comes live from Chicago.

Word Builder: live +

lively: full of life and energy.