part of speech: noun

definition 1: a long, thin mark.

  • I drew a line in the dust with a stick.

synonyms: stripe

definition 2: a boundary or limit; point at which something must stop.

  • We drove across the state line.
  • Jamie, your behavior has crossed the line!

synonyms: border, boundary, edge, limit, outline

definition 3: a string, rope, or wire.

  • Put the wet clothes out on the line to dry.

synonyms: cable, cord, filament, rope, twine

definition 4: a row of people or things.

  • The line for tickets went all the way around the block.

synonyms: row, string

definition 5: a transportation system, or a particular path taken by vehicles in the system.

  • To get to the shopping mall, you have to change to another bus line.

definition 6: a wire or set of wires that carries electricity or electronic signals.

  • The telephone line on our street was knocked down in the storm.

synonyms: cable, wire

definition 7: a very short written message; letter.

  • Drop me a line and let me know when you will be in town.

synonyms: memo, memorandum, notation, note, word

part of speech: verb

inflections: lines, lining, lined

definition 1: to take a place in a line (usually followed by “up”).

  • We lined up in front of the booth to get cotton candy.

definition 2: to cause to form into a line or row.

  • The teacher lined the children up by height, with the shortest one first.

synonyms: array

definition 3: to mark with a line or lines.

  • I used a ruler to line my paper.

synonyms: groove, rule, underline

part of speech: verb

inflections: lines, lining, lined

definition 1: to cover the inside of.

  • The tailor lined the jacket with silk.

definition 2: to fill.

  • She lined her purse with money.

synonyms: fill

Word Builder: line +

lining: the inner layer of a coat or other piece of clothing.

lined: having a lining.