part of speech: adjective

definition: having close resemblance.

  • After hearing her story, he told of a like experience while travelling in Spain.

synonyms: identical, similar

antonyms: unlike

part of speech: preposition

definition 1: the same as or similar to.

  • He is like his father.

antonyms: unlike

definition 2: in the character of; in the same manner of.

  • She runs like her mother.

definition 3: open to; wishing for or leaning toward.

  • I feel like going home.

definition 4: tending to; inclined to.

  • It feels like rain today.

like or as?

Like is a preposition that means similar to. As is a preposition and a conjunction. When a preposition, it means in the position or function of. When a conjunction, it means in the same way that and is used to introduce a subject and verb.
He wants a car like the one in the advertisement.
She works as an automobile mechanic.
He bought a new car, as he said he would.

part of speech: verb

inflections: likes, liking, liked

definition 1: to find pleasure in; enjoy.

  • Annette likes going to the movies.

synonyms: enjoy, love, relish

antonyms: dislike, hate

definition 2: to have affection or regard for.

  • I really like her a lot.

synonyms: adore, fancy, favor, love

antonyms: dislike, hate

definition 3: to feel a desire or want.

  • We can go swimming if you like.

synonyms: care, please, wish

part of speech: noun

definition: (usually plural) the things a person enjoys or prefers.

  • What are his likes and dislikes?

synonyms: love, preference

antonyms: dislike