part of speech: noun

definition 1: the form of energy that makes it possible for the eye to see. The sun produces light.

synonyms: daylight, sunlight

definition 2: something that gives off light, or the brightness produced by it.

  • Turn off the light when you go to bed.

synonyms: beam, candle, flame, flashlight, lamp, lantern, ray, sunlight, torch

antonyms: darkness, shade

definition 3: dawn or daytime.

  • We woke up at first light.

synonyms: dawn, daybreak, daylight, daytime, sunrise

antonyms: dark, nighttime

definition 4: something that makes clear or gives understanding.

  • The biologist cast light on the subject of water pollution.

definition 5: the way in which something is seen or thought of.

  • I now see her in a new light.

synonyms: angle, aspect, point of view

part of speech: adjective

inflections: lighter, lightest

definition 1: being bright or illuminated.

  • This room isn’t light enough to read in.

synonyms: aglow, alight, luminous, radiant

antonyms: dark

definition 2: pale in color.

  • He has very light hair.

synonyms: fair, pale, white

antonyms: dark

part of speech: verb

inflections: lights, lighting, lit, lighted

definition 1: to cause to catch on fire.

  • After I light the candles, we can sing “Happy Birthday.”

synonyms: burn, ignite, kindle

antonyms: extinguish

definition 2: to make brighter; provide with light; illuminate.

  • The street lamps lit the empty road.

synonyms: illuminate

antonyms: darken

definition 3: to catch fire.

  • The wet logs would not light.

synonyms: catch, catch fire, kindle, torch

definition 4: to become bright (often followed by “up”).

  • Her face lit up when she saw the presents.

synonyms: illuminate

antonyms: darken

Word Builder: light +

lighter: a small device that makes a flame. You use it to make something start to burn.
lighting: lamps and other things that give light.

part of speech: adjective

inflections: lighter, lightest

definition 1: not heavy, full, intense, or powerful.

  • My backpack was light enough to carry all day.
  • The light rain barely made the grass wet.
  • He woke up from a light sleep.

synonyms: airy, delicate, gentle, slight

antonyms: heavy, sound

definition 2: not serious or important.

  • She did some light reading before going to bed.

synonyms: easy, shallow, simple

antonyms: deep, heavy, serious

definition 3: happy or cheerful; spirited.

  • My heart was light when I thought about the long summer vacation ahead.

synonyms: bright, carefree, cheerful, gay, lighthearted

antonyms: heavy

definition 4: of food or drink, not filling or heavy.

  • He had just a light lunch, so he was very hungry by dinnertime.
  • Grapes make a light snack.

synonyms: moderate, small

antonyms: hearty, heavy, rich

phrase: make light of

Word Builder: light +

lightly: with little weight or force.