part of speech: verb

inflections: lifts, lifting, lifted

definition 1: to bring upward; raise.

  • He lifted his hand to salute.
  • We lifted the canoe out of the water.

synonyms: elevate, raise

antonyms: lower

definition 2: to bring higher in position or condition; raise.

  • The song lifted their spirits.

synonyms: boost, cheer

definition 3: to end, cancel, or take back.

  • The city lifted the law against smoking in restaurants.

synonyms: end, revoke, withdraw

antonyms: establish, impose

definition 4: to rise.

  • The hot air balloon slowly lifted into the air.

synonyms: arise, ascend, climb, rise

antonyms: descend

definition 5: to disappear or move away because of an upward force.

  • The fog lifted.

part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act of lifting.

  • He gave her a lift onto the horse.

synonyms: upheaval

definition 2: a machine used for raising or carrying.

  • They went up the mountain on the ski lift.

synonyms: crane, derrick, elevator, escalator, hoist

definition 3: a ride given to a person who is traveling on foot.

  • I saw that she was tired, so I gave her a lift in my car.

synonyms: ride

definition 4: a happier feeling; rise in spirits.

  • The good news gave us a lift.

synonyms: boost, high