part of speech: noun

inflections: lives

definition 1: the state of being that sets animals and plants apart from rocks, minerals, and other things that are not alive. Things that have life grow, reproduce, and use energy.

synonyms: being

definition 2: something that is alive, or all alive things.

  • Ten lives were lost at sea yesterday.
  • Pollution has affected the plant life in the area.

synonyms: being, organism

definition 3: the time between birth and death.

  • He has had a long life.

synonyms: life span, lifetime

definition 4: the period during which something lasts or works.

  • These tires should last for the life of my car.

synonyms: duration, lifetime

definition 5: way of being.

  • Graham leads an active life.

synonyms: condition, existence, lifestyle

definition 6: energy, movement, or spirit.

  • He is full of life.

synonyms: energy, liveliness, pep, vigor

definition 7: a biography or story of someone’s life.

  • I have just finished reading a life of Gandhi.

synonyms: biography