part of speech: noun

definition: an untrue statement made on purpose.

  • I told Mom a lie because I was afraid to tell her the truth.

synonyms: falsehood, story


part of speech: verb

inflections: lies, lying, lied

definition: to make a false statement on purpose.

  • Misha lied when he said the dog ate his homework.

part of speech: verb

inflections: lies, lying, lay, lain

definition 1: to be in or place oneself in a flat or resting position.

  • I spent all morning lying in bed.

synonyms: recline, stretch

definition 2: to rest or remain, as, on, or under a surface.

  • Several books lay open on the table.

synonyms: rest

definition 3: to be located.

  • The road lies to the west.

synonyms: sit

definition 4: to be placed; exist (followed by “on,” “with,” or “upon”).

  • The responsibility lies with him.

synonyms: rest