part of speech: adjective

definition 1: having a flat, even surface.

  • The ground here is level and easy to walk on.

synonyms: even, flat, plane, smooth

antonyms: uneven

definition 2: being on a line with the horizon or parallel to the ground.

  • The marbles rolled to the floor because the table was not level.

synonyms: flat, horizontal

definition 3: being of the same height or position as another.

  • My eyes were just level with the bottom of the window.

synonyms: equal, even, same

definition 4: calm, even, and steady.

  • He is very level and does not anger easily.

synonyms: calm, cool, even, steady

part of speech: noun

definition 1: position in height, stage, or rank.

  • People have different levels of ability at math.
  • The level of the water in the river was high after the flood.

synonyms: class, degree, grade, position, rank, stage, standing, status

definition 2: a flat surface.

  • We took the elevator to the top level of the building.

synonyms: flat, plane

antonyms: slope

definition 3: a tool used by carpenters to see if a surface is parallel to the ground.

part of speech: verb

inflections: levels, leveling, leveled

definition 1: to make flat or even.

  • The bulldozer leveled the bumpy ground.

synonyms: even, flatten, grade, smooth

definition 2: to tear down or destroy.

  • The bombs leveled the town during the war.

synonyms: demolish, destroy, tear down, wreck

definition 3: to aim or direct.

  • He leveled his rifle at the deer.
  • She leveled her eyes at me.

synonyms: aim, direct, point

derivations: levelly (adv.), levelness (n.)