part of speech: noun

inflections: leaves

definition 1: one of the usually green, flat parts of a plant or tree that grows from the stem or branch.

  • Many leaves fell from the tree during the wind storm.

synonyms: blade

definition 2: a sheet of paper, usually bound in a book.

  • Each side of a leaf is a page.

synonyms: page

definition 3: the part of a table top, door, or the like that can be removed or is hinged.

  • We will need to add a leaf to the dining room table.

phrase: turn over a new leaf


part of speech: verb

inflections: leafs, leafing, leafed

definition 1: to bear or sprout leaves.

  • Has the tree you planted last year begun to leaf yet?

definition 2: to quickly turn the pages of a book, magazine, or the like (usually followed by “through”).

  • She had time to leaf through the book, but not to read it.

synonyms: scan, skim, thumb

derivations: leafless (adj.), leaflike (adj.)