part of speech: verb

inflections: leads, leading, led

definition 1: to give direction to; show the way to; guide.

  • He led us through the woods.

synonyms: conduct, guide, usher

definition 2: to command or direct; take charge of.

  • The president led the nation during a difficult time.

synonyms: command, direct, head

definition 3: to experience.

  • She leads an interesting and active life.

definition 4: to cause.

  • New information led me to change plans.

synonyms: cause, convince, persuade

definition 5: to be first among others.

  • That horse leads in the race.

definition 6: to set a course to a place.

  • That river leads to the sea.

definition 7: to tend toward a particular result (usually followed by “to”).

  • Hard work often leads to success.

synonyms: produce


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the first or front position.

  • She took the lead early in the race.

synonyms: head, top

antonyms: last

definition 2: the amount by which something is ahead of others.

  • The visiting team had a lead of ten points.

synonyms: advantage, edge

definition 3: the main part played by an actor in a play, movie, or other show.

definition 4: a hint or clue.

  • The police have no leads in the case.

synonyms: clue, hint, indication, trace

definition 5: a short introduction that begins a news story.


part of speech: adjective

definition: first or most important.

  • The lead story in today’s paper was about our school.

synonyms: cardinal, chief, main, premier, primary, prime, principal