part of speech: verb

inflections: lays, laying, laid

definition 1: to place, put, or spread (something long or flat) over a surface.

  • He laid the pencil on the table.

synonyms: place, put, set

definition 2: to place or put down in a flattened position.

  • She will lay the carpet herself.

synonyms: even, flatten, level

definition 3: to give or put.

  • He lays the blame for the accident on me.

synonyms: attribute

definition 4: to think of or come up with.

  • The generals laid their plans for the next attack.

synonyms: conceive, devise, frame, plan

definition 5: to produce an egg.

  • The hen laid an egg.

synonyms: bear, deposit, produce


part of speech: noun

definition: the way in which land is arranged or formed.

  • He hiked around for a week to become familiar with the lay of the park.

synonyms: composition, contour, design, form, scheme, structure


part of speech: verb

definition: past tense of lie.


lay or lie?

Lay means to put or place something on a flat surface. Lie means to be or stay in a flat position. These words are easy to confuse because their meanings are similar and the past tense of lie is lay.
Lay the mail on the table.
He laid the mail on the table.
Lie down if you are tired.
Yesterday, I lay down for a short rest.