part of speech: noun

definition 1: the solid part of the earth’s surface.

  • Fish live in the sea, and tigers live on land.

synonyms: earth, ground

definition 2: a specific area of this surface.

  • They built a house on the land they bought by the lake.
  • This land will be used to grow corn this year.

synonyms: region

definition 3: a country or nation.

  • We visited many lands on our vacation.

synonyms: country, domain, dominion, nation

definition 4: soil that has a particular use or condition (often joined with another word to form another word).

  • Some people think the desert is a wasteland.
  • There is good farmland here.


part of speech: verb

inflections: lands, landing, landed

definition 1: to cause to touch down upon a surface.

  • She landed the plane.

definition 2: to cause to end up in a certain situation or condition.

  • A serious disease landed him in the hospital.

synonyms: put

definition 3: to arrive upon the ground or other surface.

  • The plane landed on time.

definition 4: to come to the shore.

  • We landed on the north beach.

definition 5: to end up in some place or condition.

  • He landed in jail soon after the trial.

synonyms: wind up

Word Builder: land +

landing: the space at the top of the stairs.
landlady: a woman who gets money by renting property.
landlord: a person who gets money by renting property.