part of speech: adjective

inflections: kinder, kindest

definition 1: helpful; friendly; good.

  • You were so kind to help that old woman down the stairs.

synonyms: decent, gentle, good, good-hearted

antonyms: harsh, malicious, mean, nasty, unkind

definition 2: showing understanding or sympathy.

  • Your kind words made him feel better.

synonyms: sympathetic

antonyms: callous, inconsiderate, sharp, unkind


part of speech: noun

definition 1: a group of things, people, or animals that are thought of together because of like characteristics.

  • You can see many kinds of animals at the zoo.
  • His new, quiet and shy wife wasn’t familiar with our kind of people.

synonyms: class

definition 2: type; sort.

  • What kind of hat is that?

synonyms: category, make, nature, sort, type

definition 3: an approximate example of something; sort.

  • The children lined up the boxes to make a kind of fort.

synonyms: sort, type

phrase: kind of