part of speech: verb

inflections: keeps, keeping, kept

  • definition 1: to hold or continue to hold.
  • The bank will keep your money for you.

synonyms: have, hold, possess, retain

antonyms: abandon, discard, jettison, lose, return, scrap

definition 2: to manage, attend to, or take care of.

  • He keeps tropical fish.

synonyms: attend, maintain, take care of

definition 3: to put or store.

  • She keeps her notes in a locked drawer.

synonyms: store

definition 4: to cause to remain in a certain state or position.

  • Please keep the baby quiet.
  • Keep the dog outside for a few minutes.

definition 5: to continue being responsible for; be faithful to.

  • Peter kept his promise to Wendy.

synonyms: abide by, comply with, obey, observe

antonyms: break, neglect

definition 6: to continue; persist.

  • Keep going along this road until you get to Main Street.

definition 7: to stop or hold back.

  • He can’t keep from lying.

synonyms: cease, stop


part of speech: noun

definition: means of support; living.

  • How do you earn your keep?

synonyms: livelihood, living, maintenance

derivation: kept (adj.)