part of speech: verb

inflections: jumps, jumping, jumped

definition 1: to leap into the air.

  • She jumped for joy.

synonyms: bound, leap, spring

definition 2: to rise quickly to a standing position (often followed by “up”).

  • I jumped from my seat when I heard the doorbell.

synonyms: bound, leap, spring

definition 3: to move or jerk suddenly; start.

  • Tom jumped when he heard the loud clap of thunder.

definition 4: to respond quickly and eagerly.

  • He jumped at the chance to take a vacation.

synonyms: leap

definition 5: to increase suddenly in amount.

  • The price of a new car jumped last year.

definition 6: to leap over.

  • The fox jumped the fence.

synonyms: hop, spring over


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act of jumping.

  • Her jump was the highest of all the competitors.

synonyms: bound, leap, spring, vault

definition 2: a sudden leap or shift from one amount to another or one subject to another.

  • There was a large jump in the price of apples.
  • There was a jump in our discussion from baseball to ice hockey.

definition 3: a sudden move or jerk; a start.

  • She gave a jump when she saw the tree blow over.

synonyms: jerk, start

definition 4: a fence or other barrier to be jumped over.

  • The horse easily went over the first two jumps.

synonyms: hurdle

definition 5: a space or level, as in a game.

  • I am two jumps ahead of him.

synonyms: interval, level, step

phrase: jump at