part of speech: verb

inflections: introduces, introducing, introduced

definition 1: to present to another person.

  • Could you introduce me to that girl you were talking to?
  • Mom says I should just introduce myself to people, but I think it’s embarrassing.

synonyms: present

definition 2: to bring to one’s notice or into one’s experience.

  • She introduced music to me when I was very young.

synonyms: advance, offer, propose, suggest

definition 3: to bring into being for the first time.

  • They’re introducing a new flavor of my favorite kind of candy.
  • Congress introduced a new bill to fight crime.

synonyms: found, inaugurate, institute, launch

definition 4: to bring to public notice.

  • The principal introduced his idea of a special reward for students who do their homework on time.

synonyms: announce, proclaim

antonyms: withdraw

derivations: introducible (adj.), introducer (n.)

Word History

Introduce is from a Latin word that means “to lead or bring within.” Intro- is a prefix that means “into.” Duc- is a Latin word part (or root) that appears in many English words. It means “to lead.” Duke, conduct, and duct are all formed from this Latin root.