part of speech: preposition

definition: in the inner part of; within.

  • It’s not much to look at, but inside the house it is very cozy.

antonyms: outside


part of speech: adverb

definition: into or in the inner part.

  • She went inside when it started to rain.

antonyms: outside


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the inner part or side.

  • The inside of this jacket is made of silk.

antonyms: exterior, outside

definition 2: (plural) the inner organs of the body.

  • My insides hurt after I ate four pieces of cake.

phrase: inside out


part of speech: adjective

definition 1: being on or in the inner side.

  • The inside doors in our house have no locks.

antonyms: outside

definition 2: taken from a private source.

  • He has inside information about the crime.