part of speech: verb

pronunciation: in krēs [or] in krēs

inflections: increases, increasing, increased

definition 1: to make larger or greater; add to.

  • I asked my mom to increase my allowance on my birthday.

synonyms: add to, augment, boost, build, enlarge, expand, jack up, multiply

antonyms: decrease, diminish, lessen, lower, reduce

definition 2: to become greater in amount, number, or size.

  • The population of our town is increasing.

synonyms: build, enlarge, expand, mount, multiply, rise

antonyms: decrease, diminish, dwindle, lessen, shrink


part of speech: noun

pronunciation: in krēs

definition: an addition in size or amount.

  • There was an increase in the number of violent crimes last year.

synonyms: addition, growth, rise

derivation: increasingly (adv.)