part of speech: preposition

definition 1: surrounded or contained by; living or located at.

  • They were caught in the rain.
  • The sandwich is in the refrigerator.
  • He lives in the city.

definition 2: during a period of time that is less than or equal to.

  • He finished the work in ten minutes.

definition 3: to or toward the inside of.

  • He got in his car.

definition 4: using; by the means of.

  • She spoke in a loud voice.

definition 5: used to indicate change from one state or condition to another.

  • The boat split in two.


part of speech: adverb

definition 1: to, toward, or into a place.

  • May I come in?

antonyms: out

definition 2: within a particular place.

  • Let’s stay in today.

antonyms: out