part of speech: verb

inflections: hurts, hurting, hurt

definition 1: to cause pain, harm, or suffering to.

  • Did you hurt yourself when you fell off the bike?

synonyms: damage, injure, wound

definition 2: to cause painful feelings in.

  • You really hurt her with your mean words.

synonyms: sting

antonyms: comfort

definition 3: to harm or damage.

  • The low test score hurt his grade in the class.

synonyms: damage, harm

antonyms: benefit, improve

definition 4: to feel pain or suffering.

  • My head hurts.


part of speech: noun

definition: a pain or injury.

  • Did the hurt go away when you took aspirin?

synonyms: injury, pain


part of speech: adjective

definition: having pain or suffering.

  • My hurt finger took two weeks to heal.
  • My mom tried to comfort my hurt feelings.

synonyms: sore, wounded

antonyms: all right, healed