part of speech: noun

pronunciation: haUs

definition 1: a building with connected rooms in which people of the same family or group live.

  • This neighborhood has houses and shops.

synonyms: dwelling, home, residence

definition 2: the people who live in such a building; household.

  • Our house has five people.

synonyms: family, household

definition 3: a building that is used for a particular purpose.

  • We visit our house of worship every week.
  • We went to the coffee house to meet our friends.

definition 4: a group or assembly that meets to write, discuss, and pass laws.

  • The house is in session for six months a year.

synonyms: assembly

definition 5: the audience at a public event.

  • There was a large house for the film.

synonyms: audience

phrase: on the house


part of speech: verb

pronunciation: haUz

inflections: houses, housing, housed

definition: to provide room and board or living quarters for.

  • That school houses students on campus.
  • The animals are housed in a barn.

Word Builder: house +

housewares: things used in the kitchen of a house, such as utensils.
housewife: a woman who does not work outside of the home.
housework: the work of keeping a house clean and safe.