part of speech: adjective

inflections: hotter, hottest

definition 1: holding or giving off great heat.

  • The hot soup was delicious.

antonyms: cold, lukewarm

definition 2: causing the physical feeling of great heat.

  • It’s a hot summer day.

antonyms: cold

definition 3: causing a burning feeling in the mouth.

  • I like to put hot pepper on my spaghetti.

synonyms: fiery, spicy

antonyms: mild

definition 4: showing or feeling anger or other strong emotion.

  • He tries hard to control his hot temper.

synonyms: fiery, inflamed

definition 5: completely new or fresh.

  • The newspaper is hot off the press.

antonyms: old, stale

definition 6: (informal) very popular at the current time.

  • They see all the hot new movies.
  • That style of sandal was very hot last summer.

synonyms: popular

antonyms: outdated

phrase: in hot water

derivations: hotly (adv.), hotness (n.)