part of speech: adjective

definition 1: truthful, real or sincere.

  • She made an honest attempt to answer their questions.

synonyms: truthful

antonyms: dishonest, insincere, lying

definition 2: not lying or cheating in one’s friendships or business relations.

  • I trust her because she has always been honest with me.

synonyms: straight, upright

antonyms: corrupt, crooked, cunning, dirty, dishonest, shady

definition 3: not meant to trick or mislead.

  • I assure you, I’m telling the honest truth.

synonyms: authentic, frank, sincere, true, truthful

antonyms: insincere, tricky

definition 4: earned in a fair way.

  • He makes an honest wage as a carpenter.

synonyms: fair, just

antonyms: corrupt

Word Builder: honest +

honesty: the condition of being honest.
honestly: in an honest way.