part of speech: noun

definition 1: the place where a person or animal lives.

  • It’s fun to go places, but I like being at home too.
  • The forest is home to many animals.

synonyms: address, dwelling, place, residence

definition 2: the house, apartment, or other building in which a person lives.

  • Her home has three rooms.

synonyms: apartment, cabin, condominium, house, mansion, mobile home

definition 3: one’s family environment.

  • He comes from an unhappy home.
  • She grew up in a home that believed in the importance of education.

synonyms: hearth

definition 4: the country, town, or other area where a person lives or grew up.

  • Although I lived in Japan for ten years, Canada will always be my home.

synonyms: country, homeland

definition 5: a place where people who cannot take care of themselves live and are cared for.

  • Our town has a group home for children who have no parents.

synonyms: asylum

definition 6: home plate in baseball or softball.

  • He ran to home as fast as he could.

synonyms: home plate


part of speech: adjective

definition: having to do with one’s home.

  • His home life is happy.

synonyms: domestic, household


part of speech: adverb

definition 1: to or toward home; homeward.

  • I take the bus home after school.
  • It was late, so we decided to go home.

synonyms: homeward

definition 2: in the direction pointed to or aimed at.

  • Robin’s arrow struck home.

Word Builder: home +

homeless: having no home.
homemade: made at home, not in a factory.
homeroom: the classroom where you meet in the morning so the teacher can take attendance.
homesick: feeling sad because you are away from you home and family.
homework: work for school that you do at home.