part of speech: verb

inflections: holds, holding, held

definition 1: to have or contain within one’s hand.

  • I picked up a cricket and held it gently.

synonyms: clasp, clutch, grip

antonyms: let go, release

definition 2: to keep for a certain time.

  • Hold this letter until I return.

synonyms: keep, preserve, reserve, retain

definition 3: to contain within a particular area.

  • The theater holds two hundred people.

synonyms: accommodate, contain

definition 4: to keep by using force.

  • The pirates held the sailors as prisoners.

synonyms: confine, coop, detain, restrain

antonyms: let go, release

definition 5: to organize and carry on; have; conduct.

  • Let’s hold a meeting.

synonyms: conduct, run

definition 6: to exercise control over.

  • She held her temper even though she was mad at her brother.

synonyms: bottle up, contain, control, curb, keep, rein, restrain, restrict

definition 7: to have in one’s mind; to believe.

  • He holds odd ideas.

synonyms: believe in, harbor, maintain

definition 8: to keep the interest of.

  • Her speech held the audience.

synonyms: engage, engross, enthrall, fascinate

antonyms: lose

definition 9: to keep to a particular position, condition, or course.

  • Hold still until I tell you to move.
  • Hold to the main road.

synonyms: hold tight, keep, persist, remain, stay

definition 10: to remain in force.

  • That rule about parking holds on weekends only.

synonyms: stand

phrase: hold out


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act of taking or carrying with the hand; grasp; grip.

  • I dropped the table because I couldn’t get a good hold on it.

synonyms: clasp, grip

definition 2: something to grasp, such as a handle or other support.

  • When you climb a cliff, you must find holds for your hands and your feet.

synonyms: grip, handle

definition 3: the power to keep control over.

  • She has a hold on me.

synonyms: grasp, grip, influence

phrase: hold up

Word Builder: hold +

holder: a thing that you use to hold something else.