part of speech: verb

inflections: helps, helping, helped

definition 1: to aid or assist.

  • I helped my mother set the table.

synonyms: aid, assist, serve

antonyms: hamper, handicap, hinder

definition 2: to avoid or keep from (usually used with “can” or “cannot”).

  • I could not help noticing that his socks didn’t match.
  • Don’t walk those streets at night if you can help it.

synonyms: avoid, keep from

definition 3: to rescue or save.

  • Help her! She’s choking.

synonyms: rescue, save

antonyms: doom

definition 4: to take for oneself.

  • Help yourself to the pie.


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act of giving assistance.

  • When they had a lot of planting to do, she offered her help.

synonyms: aid, assistance, service

definition 2: one who gives assistance.

  • She is a big help to her mother.

synonyms: aid, aide, assistant

antonyms: hindrance

definition 3: a worker or group of workers. The word “help” is often used for maids, cooks, and servants.

  • He gave the help a day off.

synonyms: employees, staff


part of speech: interjection

definition: used to express trouble; a signal for rescue.

  • Help! I’m drowning!

Word Builder: help +

helper: a person or thing that helps.

helpful: able and willing to give help.

helpless: needing help.

help wanted: a notice asking for people to apply for a job.