part of speech: noun

definition 1: the distance from the bottom to the top.

  • The height of that pine tree is fifteen feet.

synonyms: attitude, elevation

definition 2: how tall a person is.

  • My height right now is five feet.

synonyms: tallness

definition 3: the peak or highest point.

  • At its height, that building seems to touch the clouds.

synonyms: apex, crest, peak, summit, tip, vertex, zenith

antonyms: bottom

definition 4: the highest point or degree.

  • She’s at the height of her success.
  • At the height of the sale, there were hundreds of people shopping.

synonyms: crest, peak, utmost, zenith

definition 5: (often plural) a high place from which one can look out.

  • From the heights of that hill one can see the whole town.
  • I looked down at the street below from the heights of the skyscraper.