part of speech: noun

definition 1: a form of energy, or the state of being very warm; hotness; warmth.

  • We were warmed by the heat of the fire.
  • We like the heat of a summer day.

synonyms: hotness

definition 2: depth of feeling; passion.

  • I felt the heat of her anger after I broke her doll.

synonyms: passion


part of speech: verb

inflections: heats, heating, heated

definition 1: to cause to become warm or hot (often followed by “up”).

  • We heated up the soup on the stove.
  • We heat our house with wood during the winter.

synonyms: warm

definition 2: to become warm or hot (often followed by “up”).

  • The room heated up after we turned on the furnace.


Word Builder: heat +

heating: the appliances and other parts that give heat in a building.
heater: the appliance that heats a room or a building; furnace.