part of speech: verb

inflections: has, having, had

definition 1: to own; possess.

  • She has five dollars.

antonyms: lack

definition 2: to experience; feel.

  • We always have a good time at the movies.

definition 3: to include or contain.

  • Our team has ten members.

definition 4: to think about or hold in mind.

  • I have a great idea.

definition 5: to give birth to.

  • Mother is having a baby in the hospital.

definition 6: to take in or take part in.

  • Let’s have a cup of coffee.
  • He’s having dinner now.

synonyms: enjoy

definition 7: used with a past participle to express a completed action.

  • They have gone.
  • He has finished the sandwich.
  • We had just arrived home when the phone rang.

phrase: have got

phrase: have got to

phrase: have to

phrase: have to do with