part of speech: verb

inflections: guards, guarding, guarded

definition 1: to protect from danger or harm.

  • The dog guarded the sheep.

synonyms: defend, preserve, protect, watch

definition 2: to watch over to prevent escape.

  • Please guard the prisoners.

synonyms: watch

definition 3: to do what is necessary to prevent (followed by “against”).

  • The farmers in the valley need to guard against floods in the rainy season.


part of speech: noun

definition 1: a person who watches out for danger or protects property.

  • The museum had guards at every exit.

synonyms: defender, preserver, shield

definition 2: A person who watches over another person to prevent escape.

  • There are guards in the prison day and night.\

synonyms: escort, lookout

definition 3: a device used to prevent harm to something.

  • Soccer players wear shin guards.synonyms: defense, shield

phrase: off guard

phrase: on guard