part of speech: verb

inflections: grows, growing, grew, grown

definition 1: to become larger by natural development; increase.

  • A baby grows fast in its first weeks after birth.
  • See a movie for this meaning

antonyms: ebb, wane

definition 2: to stay alive and healthy.

  • This plant doesn’t grow in the shade.

synonyms: blossom, flourish, prosper, thrive

definition 3: to become.

  • The weather grew warmer.
  • Eventually, the boy grew jealous of his baby sister.

synonyms: become

definition 4: to come from or develop from.

  • Sandy’s ideas about children grew from her experiences as a teacher.

synonyms: develop, evolve

definition 5: to make grow.

  • The farmer grows corn and beans.

synonyms: cultivate, produce, raise

phrase: grow up