part of speech: noun

definition 1: the earth’s solid surface; land.

synonyms: earth, land, soil

definition 2: dirt; earth.

  • We dug holes in the ground so that we could plant our seeds.

synonyms: dirt, earth, soil

definition 3: (often plural) a piece of land that has a special purpose.

  • There are several gardens on the grounds of the estate.

synonyms: property, tract

definition 4: (sometimes plural) the reason or basis for saying or doing something.

  • What are the grounds for your argument?

synonyms: basis, foundation, reason, root

definition 5: (always plural: grounds) tiny bits that settle at the bottom of a liquid.

  • There were coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup.

synonyms: dregs, sediment


part of speech: verb

inflections: grounds, grounding, grounded

definition 1: to make the basis for; establish.

  • He grounded his argument in facts.

synonyms: base, establish, institute

definition 2: to run against the ground.

  • We grounded the boat on the beach.

synonyms: beach, strand

definition 3: to connect to an electrical ground.

  • The farmer grounded his barn with a lightning rod to protect it from fire.

definition 4: to keep from flying.

  • Bad weather grounded the airplane.


ground or land?

Use land when talking or writing about a part of the earth that is not water. Use ground when talking or writing about the surface of the earth, not the air.
Our family bought some land to start a farm.
The leaves fell to the ground.